Unusual holidays in the heart of the Pyrénées Orientales


Our unusual accommodation

Get away from it all and spend an unusual holiday in one of our accommodations.
Trailers, teepees, yurts, mobile homes, bubbles and chalets await you for an unforgettable stay in the Eastern Pyrenees.

The Gypsy caravans

Discover the charm and authenticity of a wooden caravan for a stay in Cathar country.

superficie 1
superficie 2/4
superficie 12m²

Sleeping in a gypsy caravan, like the one that used to move travellers, means giving back its place to the bohemian spirit.

Our caravans are cosy spaces and are decorated with romanticism, with running water and electricity.
The outdoor terrace invites you to take your time.

The Yurts

Discover the nomadic spirit of the yurt for an unusual stay in the heart of the Eastern Pyrenees.

superficie 2
superficie 4/8
superficie 35m²

Spending the night in a yurt, like the Mongolian tribes of the endless steppes, means putting conviviality back at the centre of exchanges.

Our yurts, with their authentic shimmering colours, can accommodate from 2 to 8 people and have a kitchenette.

The Tipis

Discover the magic of the tepee for an atypical and exotic stay at the rhythm of the nature of the Cathar country.

superficie 1
superficie 3/6
superficie 22m²

The experience of the tipi, the habitat of the Amerindians, is above all to find harmony with life and nature.

Our tipis are equipped with electricity and are fitted out as cosy rooms with real comfortable beds for 2 or 6 people.

The Bulle

The "Bulle Wigwam" to watch and live closer to the stars...

superficie 1
superficie 6
superficie 40m2

Letting the Milky Way rock our dreams in a wigwam bubble is to marvel at the world around us.

In our wigwam bubble, you can cook, the dome is open to the sky and is on the first floor.
Equipped with several beds, the bubble can accommodate up to 6 people.


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